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NCH non-conductive non-carbon insulated rubber hose

NCH non-conductive carbon-free insulated hose is a kind of carbon-free insulating hose. It is used on well-known electric furnaces such as INDUCTOTHERM, ABP, etc., and is also often used as water transport or as cable conduit.

NCH Non-conductive non-carbon insulated hose Abbreviation: NCH

Product Features:

l Inner layer: off-white heat-resistant EPDM rubber

l Reinforcement layer: double-layer high-strength fiber woven mesh

l Outer layer: green heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant, aging-resistant EPDM rubber

l Working temperature: -40℃ to +120℃


The cable cooling water pipe in the electric furnace has an insulation design and is specially designed to transport electric cooling liquid. It is widely used in the electric furnace industry. The leakage current is less than 15 microamps when the 5000V direct current passes through.

Product Advantages:

NCH's specially designed carbon-free inner rubber and outer rubber layer fully meet the insulation and low leakage requirements of the electric furnace and steelmaking industries.

* Does not contain carbon black

* Extremely strong insulation performance

* The leakage current of 5000V DC is less than 15 microamps.

* Good flexibility

* Long service life, durable

* A variety of caliber options

Certification and standards:

l Not yet/ To be updated

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