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High temperature-rated casing spacer/isolator

Model HT Casing Spacers/Isolators are uniquely formulated to withstand high temperature applications (280° F / 138° C), and are designed primarily for smaller diameter steel or polyethylene carrier pipes (ANSI O.D. pipe without a bell or mechanical joint).


l 5” bandwidth (127mm)

l Unique formulation of polymers allows isolator/spacer to be used in applications where temperatures may reach 280°F (138°C)

l Excellent insulation, high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction

l One-piece solid molded segments increase load bearing capacity

l Ribbed inner surface prevents slippage and guards against coating damage

l Lightweight for easy handling and installation

l Hardware includes cadmium plated steel studs, nuts and washers

l Only requires screwdriver for installation

l Eliminates the need for blown sand or pea gravel

l HT casing spacers are available to accommodate a variety of pipe diameters and available for quick delivery.


l For carrier pipe diameters (Nominal Steel & IPS) ranging from ¾” (19.1mm) to 12” (304.8mm) up to 1,000 feet.

l Spacing recommendation: Max 8’ (243.8cm) between spacers, Max 2’ (61.0cm) from casing pipe end.

l HT Models 6x10 through 12x16 are sold with TPE Liner.

l HT Models 6x10 through 12x16 are sold with TPE Liner.


l A Hi-Temp casing spacer system designed to ease carrier pipe insertion with quick installation to last the life of the piping system.

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