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Dry Breakaway couplings

The Dry Breakaway couplings is a safety component, which is used in the process of loading and unloading to prevent serious safety hazards: when an unexpected load is applied to the pipeline, such as a tank car or a train without disconnection in the case of accidental movement when connected, the position of the ship drifts, etc., the breakaway couplings is triggered.

SBC broken pin breakaway Couplings

The safety breakaway couplings SBC Couplings® is used to prevent equipment damage and pull-off accidents caused by the accidental departure of the tanker or the drift of the ship. The cross-sections of the valve on both sides of the separation point are instantaneously closed, avoiding leakage accidents and protecting the transmission system.

SBC-C rope breakaway couplings

The working principle of SBC coupling-cable release wire rope breakaway couplings is to set the breaking distance through the wire rope set on the pipeline. When the tanker or ship moves to a certain distance, the wire rope will trigger the breaking valve to prevent it from breaking. The destruction of equipment and pipelines protects personnel safety and environmental safety.

PERC active emergency breakaway couplings

Control of high pressure nitrogen trigger type break valve is a revolutionary low-temperature PERC-powered emergency break valve. In addition to providing an active trigger safety approach similar to other PERC break valves on the market, it also incorporates a breaking pin break valve. Provide passive safety features. It integrates active and passive pull-off protection. The wide range of breakaway couplings selection provides full flexibility for the cryogenic product series, and provides safe and reliable solutions for various liquefied natural gas transportation applications.

CBC-C ultra-low temperature pull rope breakaway couplings

There is one more guarantee for the safety of cryogenic fluid transportation, and one more choice. The rope Breakaway couplings is used as a safety solution in the supply line of the mobile transmission system to prevent accidental movement from pulling the pipeline and causing damage to the environment and facilities. The breakthrough in cryogenic technology of CBC-C ultra-low temperature draw-wire Breakaway couplings and our reliable and well-proven dry-type cryogenic joints provide the market with an unparalleled, safe and easy-to-use combination, suitable for various LNG transmission applications and Transport connection of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon.

SBC-Marine Offshore version emergency breakaway couplings

Offshore version of the breakaway couplings is suitable for installation between two hoses to prevent unnecessary breakage caused by wave undulation on the sea surface. Off-shore version of the breakaway couplings only supports the function of axial break.

The marine version of the Breakaway couplings and the industrial version of the breakaway couplings have a similar mechanical pull-off mechanism, that is, three break pins are used to control the break. At the same time, the marine version of the Breakaway couplings also has higher resistance to tangential force and prevents lateral force. The characteristic that only supports axial pull-off is a sign that distinguishes offshore Breakaway couplings and industrial Breakaway couplings. It is specially designed for working conditions where safety pull-off protection is installed between the hoses.

Bottom crane pipe breakaway couplings

As a safety device for bottom loading (loading under the crane tube), its purpose is to prevent the tank truck from accidentally driving away during the filling and unloading process, pulling the hose and the crane tube and causing the pipeline to be unintendedly disconnected or damaged. The two parts of the pull-off valve contain a set of opposing poppet valves. When the pull-off valve is forced to trigger the separation, the poppet valves on both sides will be closed instantly to avoid leakage accidents on the tank end and the hose side.

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