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CAMLOCK double handle cam lock quick coupling (abbreviated as CM)

The production, testing and use of modern CAMLOCK connectors are mainly based on three standards: MIL A-A-59326, EN14420-7, DIN2828. China also implemented the GB16693-based CM quick connector use standard in 1998, but did not regulate the production process. The CM connector is divided into two types of head connection: Male and Female. Except 1/2”, 5”, 8”, these standard heads are interchangeable, but the tails are different. When you choose different Please confirm when the hoses and different threads are different. The application range of CM joints is very wide, and it can be seen in industry, agriculture, military industry, and ocean.

AMLOCK double-handle cam lock quick coupling is a very popular, world-recognized and reliable connection method. It is mainly used in industries, especially oil and gas and chemical industries. The specifications of CAMLOCK were first stipulated in the American military standard MIL-C-27487 (AA-59326), and they were also defined by the European standard EN 14420-7 (formerly DIN 2828). With a simple design, CAMLOCK quick couplings are very easy to use. When connecting, simply extend the cam arm to insert the adapter into the matching camlock female head. To lock the adapter in the camlock female head, both cam arms must be pulled down at the same time. The cam arm engages in the groove of the adapter, thereby blocking and tightly compressing it. The flat elastic seal in the groove of the CAMLOCK quick connector ensures tightness. CAMLOCK's safety pin can provide additional protection to prevent accidental opening and disconnection of the cam arm.

CAMLOCK quick couplings are made of aluminum, brass (bronze), 316 stainless steel, and reinforced PP. The size range is 1/2" to 8". The working pressure of CAMLOCK coupling ranges from 1-10bar or more, and depends on its size and material.

CAMLOCK quick couplings are not suitable for air, gas or steam.

Product Features:

CM handles, snap rings and safety pins are all made in accordance with standards to provide sufficient strength and service life

With Ground wire

The joint body has a reinforced part to enhance the strength of use

The joint identification can be made according to customer requirements

The material of the joint is completely in accordance with the standard, and customized service of CM joint of special material can be provided

CM joints are continuously researched and developed in terms of safety and convenience, and CM joints that meet the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries are launched

Provide 3.1B certificate and SGS and other material reports upon request

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