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Breathing valve

A breather valve is a special type of pressure and vacuum relief valve used to protect atmospheric and low-pressure tanks & vessels in which fluids are filled and drawn at a high flow rate. Proper installation of breather valves can prevent tank explosions due to over-pressure and collapse due to vacuum conditions.


Different Storage tank applications in the Pharma, Food & Beverage Industry

l Edible oil (palm/coconut/soy oil)

l Chocolate production, sugar storage

l Juice production

l Nitrogen blanketed processes

l Very low leakage rate with certification1x 10h-2 mbar x l/s

l High-quality Material of Construction

l Design is suitable for sanitary applications

Tri-clamp connection available

Special materials and coating available

l Modular design with interchangeable components

Easy inspection, maintenance, and cleaning

l Easy inspection, maintenance, and cleaning

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