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Zuercher Medium Pressure Reducing Regulator

Zuercher medium pressure reducing and relieving valves are used for pressures up to16 bar. The high demand of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry resulted in the development of more specific and corrosion-resistant pressure regulators. Pressure regulators in standard design are in use for all industrial applications. The sanitary design regulators are suitable for a variety of applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

l Adjustment range (up to 16 bar / 300 psi)

l Can withstand full vacuum

l Self-draining

l Soft seat capability (for ANSI VI level closure)

l No guide surface in the fluid

l Stainless steel regulator

l Nickel alloy regulator

l PVDF regulator

l Sanitary regulator

l Clean-in-place (CIP)

l Steam in situ (SIP)

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