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Cylindrical Plug Valves SCP

DN15-DN100/ 1/2"-2" Full port

3"- 6" reduced port

Fully lined Cylindrical Plug Valves with full or reduced bore for shut off or throttling

applications of corrosive, abrasive liquid or gaseous media.

Main features

l Two-piece split body made of cast steel, top entry

l Live loaded, maintenance free stem seal according to TA-Luft VDI2440, ISO 15848-1

l Cavity-free design, constant low torque, full and reduced port

l One-piece cylinder/shaft, blow out proof, core made of SS Duplex

l Rated breaking point outside of valve

l Cylinder oplions such o$ V-port (for flow control applications) oc wilh pressure relief hole

l Easy on-site maintenance

l Cylinder options such as V-port (for flow control applications) or with pressure relief hole

l Easy on-site maintenance

l ISO mounting flange for direct automation with pneum. quarter turn actuators

Technical data

l Flanges according to DIN PN16 resp. ASME class 1501b

l Face Io face according to EN 558-1 series 1 resp. ASME B16.10

l Body/Bonnet: Cait steel 1.0619 (A216WCB) or stainless sled 1.4408 (A351 CF-8M), with integrated ISO flange

l Lining: PFA, PFA-AS (conductive)

l Cylinder encapsulated: PFA, PFAAS (conductive), PVDF, ETFE

l Cylinder solid: SS3161, Duplex, Titanium Gr. 2/Gr. 7, C276, C-2000

l .Elastomer Energizer: VMQ, FPM

Operating conditions (depending on material selection): :

l Pressure: 1 mbar (0.014 psi) up to 16 bar (232 psi)

l Temperature:-40°C (-40°F) up to +200°C (+392°F)

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