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ElectroFlange Pre-Fabricated Isolating Flanges

The ElectroFlange™ is a pre-fabricated flange isolation kit including the flanges, bolts and pipe pups

ElectroFlange™ Joints provide electrical isolation for gas, water and petroleum pipelines; providing operation and maintenance cost savings. They do not require maintenance and can eliminate vault expense. We offers the best solutions for preventing corrosion in all industries including: onshore and offshore mains, petroleum refinery complex, chemical plants, waterworks, wastewater, gas transmission and gas distribution systems.

The ElectroFlange™ is factory assembled and is 100% factory-tested and warranted to meet customer specifications for size, pressure, corrosion coatings etc. Available with a NSF-61 Certified interior coating.


l Pre-Installed Isolation Gasket - Proper gasket compression and bolt load consistency are achieved

l Pre-Installed Isolation Washers - Improper installation is avoided preventing short circuit via operator error

l Outstanding electrical isolation properties for cathodic protection

l Coated Bolts - Redundant corrosion protection for bolted assembly

l Pre-Wrapped Joint - Encapsulates entire flange including bolt assembly providing corrosion protection to all critical parts


Direct Bury

l B7 Bolts coated with Xylan 1010

l 2H Nuts with Xylan 1010 coating

l 2H Nuts with Xylan 1010 coating

l Electrical continuity design for bolting

l Dual seal G10 LineBacker® isolation gasket G10 sleeves

l Fusion bonded epoxy coating

l Proprietary isolation flange filler

l Wax taped flange protection


l B7 Bolts coated with Xylan 1010

l 2H Nuts with Xylan 1010 coating

l Dual SS Washer with X37 coating

l Fusion bonded epoxy coating G10 sleeve

l Dual seal G10 LineBacker® isolation gasket

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