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PSG Gas Sampling Probes / PSG


The AGT-PSG gas sampling probes PSG Basic and PSG Plus are used for continuous sampling of hot, corrosive, dust- and water vapor loaded exhaust and process gases. Following, after appropriate gas treatment, the analysis of certain gas components, e.g. O2, SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, CH4, CxHy, Hg is done.

Typical applications are emission measurement, process monitoring and process optimization.


The intelligent design of AGT-PSG gas sampling probes with optimum gas guidance enables filtration of sample gas at the largest filter surface on the market (5300px2!) as well as a quick and easy filter change without tools and dismounting of the heated sample line. The holohedral tight high performance ring heater in combination with the tight thick-walled glass fiber insulation jacket ensures homogeneous heating without cold spots and high energy efficiency at the same time. This fact additionally is supported by the optimum insulated stainless steel protective housing.


Due to the market’s largest filter surface combined with homogeneous heating, dust is always separated reliably in the AGT-PSG gas sampling probes, without condensation of water vapor and “caking” or clogging of the filter. For elevated dust concentrations above 3g/m3 the PSG Plus gas sampling probes can be equipped with an ultimate effective single or dual stage back purge with unique dimensioned tubing. The standard calibration resp. test gas connection enables the use of the AGT-PSG gas sampling probes within emission measuring systems according to 13. and 17. BImSchV (EU-regulations 2000/76/EG and 2001/80/EG).

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